The French Film Festival UK which was founded in 1992 in Edinburgh and Glasgow and now spans most of the UK from Oban to Plymouth with usually more than 35 different venues, has a pedigree of almost three decades in bringing the best of Francophone cinema to audiences.

The traditional dates of the annual Festival are between the start of November until mid-December with a programme of contemporary and classic films as well as documentaries, animation and shorts. All films are in French with English subtitles. In normal times a range of guests from directors to actors, musicians and other cinema professionals would accompany their films but this year guests have agreed to make virtual appearances.

In an age when film is consumed across a wide variety of platforms the 28th edition of the Festival is pleased to provide proof of our ability to innovate under current circumstances and restrictions.

This year has seen the inauguration of an online offer under the banner fff@home in collaboration with Festival Scope.

From Friday 27 November to Friday 4 December inclusive, our programmers have curated a selection of feature films and shorts for you to enjoy and appreciate in the surroundings of your own home. Some will have the bonus of interviews with directors and actors.

For more information, you can contact us at:

TEAM 2020

Richard Mowe, Director and Founder

Ilona Morison, Co-Director

Stuart Hamilton, Head of Marketing

Lucie Brocard, Head of Logistics

Sylvia Davidson, Copy Editor and Translator

Martine Pierquin, Short Cuts Programme Curator

Mia Brailsford, Trainee and Logistics Assistant